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Cooking Tips and Ideas

Sometimes cooking goes so well then... well, something doesn't work quite the way you expected. We've gathered here a few tips and ideas to help you overcome those nasty moments and salvage your meal... and perhaps even come out of the disaster looking as if nothing had happened.


Hard butter / fat
If the butter is too hard, pop it in the microwave for a few seconds - but watch it carefully. You want soft butter, NOT a butter slick!
Can't make pastry
Pastry needs cool hands. If you have hot hands the mix gets too warm and things go wrong. Try dipping hands in cold water, put the pastry in the cooler for ten minutes or use a hollow rolling pin that you can fill with cold water.
Lost the rolling pin
Wine bottles, milk bottles and even tins of food will do in an emergency.
Lost the can opener
Sometimes bottle openers have a can opener attachment, so do pocket knives. Ask around in case somebody has one on them.
No weighing scales
OK,a few possible solutions. A pint of water weights a pound and a quarter. Look for tins you've got with weights already on them, like bags of flour and packets / tins of food. If you place a ruler over a pencil (at the half way point) and rest a tin weighing, for example, 200g on one end of the ruler, it will balance when the same weight of your ingredient is placed on the other end. For ingredients where the mix is simple, such as 200g of A and 400g of B, concentrate on the ratio not the weight - it's just one spoon / handful / jug of A and two of B.









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