And try our new sites for excellent Bun and Small Cake recipes, and easy recipes for younger cooks.

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Excellent advice from the UK government on making your kitchen a safe place in which to work.
Advice, hints, help, tips and information to make every day life a little easier covering subjects such as cooking, music, DIY, motoring, gardening, stain removal, recipes, puzzles, health, beauty and much, much more.
All you need to know about safely storing food, both raw and cooked. Again, it's from the UK government
A new and still developing site with an interesting collection of recipes designed with cooking with children in mind.
A comprehensive list of e numbers, the food additive codes used in the European Union
The Pros and Cons of Supermarkets
This site will provide you with information relating to healthy eating, energy and nutrients and nutritional requirements.
This site offers clear and easy to follow recipes for most of the sauces you will ever need to cook. Ideal for experienced cooks and beginners too.
Clear and easy to follow recipes for jams, curds, preserves, jellies and marmalades Ideal for experienced cooks and beginners too.







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