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The Site

Biscuit recipes is a free online cooking resource where parents and children can find recipes for biscuits and cookies. With traditional and speciality recipes from around the world, it has become a well used resource for home cooks who are looking for reliable recipes, everyday, party and holiday treat ideas, clear cooking instructions,tips and advice.

Getting children to join in with cooking is at the centre of our ideals, so every recipe is graded from easy to difficult so there is something suitable for all young cooks whatever their abilities.

The Author

Camilla Robinson is 19, a student in the UK and has a passion for biscuits and cookies.

She believes strongly in the value of introducing young people to cooking and kitchen skills, extending their concept of food beyond the local supermarket or corner shop. Being able to cook is not just fun, it is also a social skill, an opportunity for 'quality time' between parents and their children, and a skill with life long benefits.

She also knows that there are times when finding the right recipes can be challenging. This website was designed to address these two important areas; stimulating young people's love of food and cooking, and helping parents to find new foods their children will enjoy.


The Website

We believe that anyone who has something to contribute to the Internet should be encouraged to set up and run their own website. This site runs on an MS Server provided by 1 and 1 Internet, a UK company offering some of the best service / value for money web hosting available.

Amazon and Google both advertise on the site, helping us to provide a free web site, and enabling you to purchase top quality items at the lowest prices.

The website was designed and produced using a combination of Dreamweaver and Notepad, with some help from the excellent value Xara Webstyle for graphics.






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