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Recipe Name West African Coconut Biscuits
Difficulty Level Easy
Traditional food from Morocco
Ingredients 2 fresh eggs
3 table spoons of powdered milk.
1 table spoon of soft butter 75g of sugar
100g of dried thinly sliced Coconut
Wheat flour
Preparation Set the oven to reach 180C.

Mix the eggs with the milk and the sugar, then add the butter and the coconut.

Mix until you have a light texture, then add sufficient flour to form a mix that is stiff but will still flow when dropped from a spoon.

Grease a tray and drop the mix, a spoonful per biscuit, onto the tray. Remember that they will expand.

Cook for 15 to 20 minutes.

Traditionally eaten hot from the oven if you like them soft and smooth or let them cool if you prefer them very crunchy.


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